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  • Best Seungsoo moments: KNTM ep 1-4

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  • 현지은. Hyun Ji Eun

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  • koreanmodeldotorg:

    [BTS] Beenzino - How Do I Look? with Korea’s Next Top Models Guys & Girls contestants

  • Korea’s Next Top Model - Cycle 5 Opening

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    The male contestants of Korea’s Next Top Model cycle 5 - GUYS&GIRLS: Han Seungsoo, Choi Jungjin, Jung Yongsoo, Jung Dongkyu, Lee Cheolwoo, Shin Jaehyuk, Bang Taeeun, and Kim Jonghoon

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    i already adored lee chul woo, but he just made it even worse by being so sweet!!

  • the importance of angles: male model edition

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    Shakotan | Hokkaido, Japan

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    when you see drama going down in a fandom you aren’t in


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